Relocating to Los Angeles in 1987, Jod became one of the most sought after Music Video Colorist in the industry; he would also go on to work on many feature films and commercials. 

 Jod set a standard for the way people would view Television and Film creating a vast array of looks that would tell a story.  For one to get an idea of what we mean just visualize what Films and Television looked like pre-80’s as to what they look like today.

 His statement in the industry exemplifies Jod’s passion for Telecine and Color Grading,  “That he will boldly go where no Colorist has gone before” making an individual statement for every project that he is involved with.  His client’s projects become his, taking on everything he works on very personally with passion and commitment.


jod soraci

Color Correction Services

Born in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, Jod started his career in entertainment in production working on several Soap Opera’s and Sesame Street as a camera operator, boom Operator, Utility Technician and also a Tape Editor.  His Telecine career began in 1982 at Tape House Editorial in NYC. 

 In 1984 while visiting his family in South Florida, Jod landed a job at Video Tape Associates in Hollywood Florida where they had just begun the design of the Davinci Color Corrector, which would go on to become the industry standard for Color Correction.

 As they were designing the Software they needed the input of a Colorist from an Operators point of view. Jod would become instrumental in the functionality of the Davinci operating system, discussing with software programmers solutions to situations that would arise in a Telecine session and what be the user-friendliest platform to achieve the desired look.  It was interesting to see this collaboration come to life.